Our philosophy at Maple Mist Farm is to take care of what we have. We are the caretakers for future generations and must respect what Mother Nature has provided. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, and hope to continue contributing to this regional tradition for many more years to come.

Maple Mist Farm is a family owned and operated business

We are nestled among the tranquil sugar maples of Colchester County, Nova Scotia.  It was created in 2008 by the Grant family; Peter, Mary Anne, Heather-Anne & Catherine.  Collectively, they bring together a love of the land, an interest in wholesome products, enthusiasm, and of course, a common sweet tooth! Our journey for making Maple Mist products begins late each winter as we visit each of our 7,500 sweet producing maple trees.  Every tree is inspected to ensure it is healthy and all sap collecting equipment is in good working order.  With much cooperation from Mother Nature, spring will quickly follow by sending a wave of warm days and cool evenings, allowing our trees to release their precious sap.

Each product sold by Maple Mist Farm is proudly made by hand from members of this immediate and extended family

Typically, the first sap flows of the season produce a lightly coloured, delicate tasting maple syrup with darker and stronger tasting maple syrup following as the season continues and draws to a close.  However, Mother Nature always has the final say on what exactly is produced each season.  This syrup is then bottled for culinary enjoyment for everyone. Back at the sugar camp, we welcome the abundance of sap with excitement.  Maple season is now underway and a crackling wood fire quickly warms us up for production.  The sap heated over the wood fire is carefully monitored to ensure just the right amount of sweetness and flavour is achieved.  As the sap slowly turns into syrup over the roaring fire, a delicious mist of pure maple water is released.

No other ingredients are added to this process so the result is simple; 100% pure and natural maple syrup

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